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We always like sharing the opinions of educated experts, genuine food chefs, and cooks as well as their personal narratives. Your voice will grow as a result of using our blog or platform.

We are seeking skilled writers who will benefit our community by offering enlightening, practical, useful, and more accurate information. Please read our guest post or write for our rules for more details on how you may contribute your writing, ideas, research, stories, and abilities to the Eats Bar community (below).

What ought to be Done?

You’ll be glad to learn that you can perform the following. And we happily support them.

  • On our website, you may choose from any topic.
  • The information that we’ve previously released. You can revisit these topics or include more knowledgeable viewpoints.
  • You can submit several pieces of material.
  • Through a guest post on our website, you can obtain a do-follow backlink. There is a limit of one do-follow backlink per subscription, though. You must pay for more links if you are able to maintain more backlinks from a single post.

What ought to be Avoided?

Your submitted work is never rejected by us. However, there are occasions when we feel compelled to. However, if you stay away from the following, we won’t ever reject your content.

  • Only English is used to write on our blog. You must thus favor English.
  • Writing that is irrelevant is inadmissible. Therefore, read our previously published articles before sending us stuff.
  • We disapprove of everything that is hard to read, ineffective, false, illogical, fraudulent, copied, fully or partially published, not your own, etc. We abide by all laws and regulations pertaining to plagiarism.
  • You are not permitted to use your post to promote or market yourself or another person.
  • We will never publish your work if it contains anything that violates local, state, federal, or international legislation, political philosophy, religious views, societal norms, and values, or insults or offends any institution, race, religion, group, or generation.

Notes on Guest Posting

  1. Your Article is Your Responsibility – In any case, after we have approved or published your article if at any point we discover information or a component that is wholly false or that violates or encourages violations of national, international, or religious law or policy, we reserve the right to remove the article or the link from our website with or without notifying you. Furthermore, we have no obligation to compensate you in any way for this.
  2. Maximum External Links – Each article may have a maximum of one external link. This is what we strongly advise. However, you must pay an additional 50% for each additional external link if you wish to include more than one in your post. Despite the fact that you are paid, we only allow three external links per article.
  3. Pay Due to Time – When your article is published on our site, you have 3 (three) business days to pay your dues, or you can give us a good explanation before that time if you pay on time. If not, we will take the link out of your post. When you pay our fees again after we have removed the link, we will reattach your link to the article.

Why Write for Us?

You may either enquire as to why you would write for us or send us your well-researched and educational essay as a guest post. In response, we will tell you to smile and re-ask you why you don’t. as follows:

  • Google Analytics shows that this site receives a respectable number of visitors each month.
  • Google News has authorized this website.
  • The minute an item is published on our site, it is immediately indexed by all of the main search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.
  • Our benefits are social networks with a large number of subscribers, members, followers, etc.
  • We often mention all of our published articles on social media.
  • You may build a do-follow, juicy, and permanent backlink from our Eats Bar website by submitting a guest post, writing for us, exchanging links, or making any other kind of acknowledged contribution.
  • We receive a wide range of local and foreign visitors, followers, subscribers, members, and customers. Through your writing or skill-sharing in such a group, you may also showcase your skills or extend them past your constrained horizons. Why would you pass up such a chance?
  • Additionally, if you have a strong writing style and can impress us with your work, you may have the chance to work with us permanently as a content writer with a competitive budget, pay, and benefits.
    and more priceless amenities.

Note: We do not accept copyright, illegal, plagiarized, violated, CBD, gambling, casino, adult, dating, auto-generated articles, and those articles that are outside the real niche of our site.


  • Payoneer (Request or Make a Payment), and Skrill (formerly Moneybookers)
  • Hire to Pay- Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork.
  • bKash, and Rocket (only for BD)
  • Besides, you can pay us through a Credit Card, Debit Card, VISA Card, and Bank Wire on behalf of Payoneer, if your country supports it.
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