Red Lobster Bahama Mama Recipe – A Refreshment Drink

Today’s discussion is going on the red lobster Bahama mama recipe. When you crave a scrumptious meal, you wouldn’t mind spending a fortune. You might even want to enjoy the most popular and delicious cuisine from Red Lobster. However, would you be willing to spend the same amount of cash on a drink that accompanies your meal?

Red Lobster is an American restaurant chain with over 700 restaurants in the US and Canada. The food is prepared and served by expert chefs who are well-known for their culinary skills. This makes sure that the meals are served with the best possible quality. For those who love seafood, Red Lobster makes sure that this one can be savored to the fullest.

People have different tastes when it comes to food. Some like seafood and others don’t! But the menu at Red Lobster covers all tastes, so everyone can find what they like here! Whether you prefer pizza or pasta, salad or soup, fish or steak, you will find it all at this restaurant chain. Although I am not sure if they have vegan dishes on their menu.

The best way to complete your favorite meal is to have a refreshing drink along with it. These drinks assure the hunger of all the food lovers with a sizzling and fizzing. If you don’t want to take this preparing thing, you can buy the Everfresh Pina Colada Juice and Golden Eagle Energy Drink. Both are popular for assuring refreshment.

What is Red Lobster Bahama Mama Recipe?

The Red Lobster Bahama Mama recipe is a delicious drink that can be prepared at home in minutes.

This cocktail combines the flavors of rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine. While many people are fans of this unique drink, it’s always nice to have a recipe you can use whenever you crave one.

This cocktail is so easy to make at home and it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser with all of your guests as well. A few ingredients and just a few minutes are all you’ll need to make these amazing drinks for your friends and family members.

The most important step in this recipe is making sure your blender is completely frozen before adding the ice and other ingredients. This ensures that the drink will come out smooth and silky without any ice chunks or lumps.

You can also experiment with different types of rum or even liquors that you think go well with pineapple juice. You can also taste Vulcan Mind Probe Drink using rum. If you’re considering taking the time to try out this tasty cocktail, we recommend pairing it with some delicious Red Lobster seafood dishes like our Garlic Shrimp or new Bayside Chicken Pasta bowls for an extra special meal at home.

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Red Lobster Bahama Mama Recipe – A Refreshment Drink

How to Make Red Lobster Bahama Mama Recipe?

A lot of people have a thing for Caribbean flavors and drinks. They are a perfect treat for the taste buds, especially in the summer.

To be honest, I am not a fan of any alcoholic drink and that is why I have always preferred non-alcoholic drinks. But when it comes to tasting something new, I can never resist trying it out. So let’s check out how to prepare this delicious cocktail right at home.


1. Blender
2. Glass
3. Spoon
4. Juicer
5. Sip

Recipe Summary

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 0 mins
Total Time: 5 mins
Yield: 2 Servings
Course: Juice, Cocktail
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Calories: 230 kcal

Ingredients for Recipe

  • Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, 1 ounce
  • 3 oz. Bacardi Light Rum 1 oz.
  • 1 oz. Juice of Pineapple
  • 75 ounce Grenadine
  • 3 oz. Orange Juice
  • 1 cup ice, garnished with a wedge of orange

Instructions for Recipe

  1. In a blender, combine all ingredients (except the Grenadine)
  2. Blend until the ice is smashed and the cocktail is smooth.
  3. Drizzle 0.75 oz. of Grenadine over the top of the drink in a glass (using the back of a spoon).
  4. On the rim of the glass, place an Orange Wedge.

Nutritional Facts

There are 230 calories in 1 serving of Red Lobster Bahama Mama Recipe. There are available 10mg of sodium, 62g of carbohydrates, 3g of dietary fiber, and 52g of sugars. Besides, Red Lobster Bahama Mama Recipe consists of Vitamin A, C, Calcium, and Iron.


The Red Lobster restaurants are famous for the delicious food served in the restaurants. The recipe given here is the Red Lobster Bahama Mama Recipe. It is a cocktail recipe that has a refreshing flavor with the goodness of pineapple, orange juice, and rum.

Bahama Mama Drink can be had while having any day meal like breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But it is more popular to have it as an evening snack or even after a tiring day. These cocktails give a fizzing and relaxing flavor with their delicious ingredients. Besides, these drinks are always a must-go drink on any restaurant menu.

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