Baked Crab Hand Roll Recipe

A baked crab hand roll recipe is a perfect appetizer to serve at parties. It is also a great way to impress your guests with the flavor of crab and the quality of the ingredients. The best part about this recipe is that it can be made ahead of time and then baked at the last minute, so you won’t have to worry about making sure that all the ingredients are ready before serving them.

The main ingredient in this dish is crab meat, which is available from most seafood markets. If you don’t have any on hand, don’t worry because there are plenty of other options for filling your hand rolls. You can use shrimp, scallops, or even lobster meat instead of crab meat if you prefer those kinds of flavors over crabs.

You will also need some fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, and onions for this recipe. The vegetables need to be cut into small pieces or shredded so they won’t get too mushy when they bake in the oven along with the fish mixture.

To make preparing these hand rolls easy, we recommend using pre-shredded cabbage leaves as well as sliced carrots instead of chopping them ourselves by hand!

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Baked Crab Hand Roll Recipe

Ingredients for Baked Crab Hand Roll Recipe

  • 1-ounce dry vermouth
  • 3 ounces sweet vermouth
  • 1/4 ounce Cointreau or lemon juice
  • Juice of 1 lime wedge
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh parsley leaves, plus additional for garnish
  • 2 ounces chilled unsalted butter, diced (1/4 cup)
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt, divided use
  • 1 pound lump crabmeat, drained and picked over for shells

Directions for Baked Crab Hand Roll Recipe

  1. Although there are several tutorials that instruct you on how to produce ideal sushi rice, I’ll share with you the short, no-frills technique for making wonderful sushi rice because this recipe is pretty quick. Instead of using a pot or saucepan, I like to cook my rice in a rice cooker and then fluff it with a rice paddle.
  2. Rice and water should be added to the rice cooker pot, then stirred until the water turns milky white. (The rice becomes sticky as a result of the starch in the rice evaporating.)
  3. Set a timer for cooking, then go to work preparing the other ingredients.
  4. When the rice is finished cooking, spread it out on a ceramic dish and, while it cools, fluffs it with a rice paddle (a wooden spoon will serve in a pinch). This will make the rice light and fluffy but still sticky.
  5. Once cool, move on to the next step.
  6. Create two long, thin strips by slicing the imitation crab meat down the middle. (Stores carry a wide variety of imitation crab; I recommend the lengthier variety since it is similar to the meat from a crab leg.)
  7. Repeat the process with the 1/2 pound block of cream cheese, making each strip the same length and thickness as the crab (if it’s not perfect, don’t worry, this is a quickie recipe).
  8. To begin, cut the larger sheets of nori (seaweed) into smaller ones that are approximately 3 1/2 inches by 6 inches.
  9. After that is complete, place the cold sushi rice in the palm of your hand and cover 3/4 of the Nori sheet with it (rice facing up).
  10. Then, arrange your ingredients on your Nori-rice sheet diagonally, with the ingredients in the corner that is furthest away from the rice-free section. For example, I want more crunch, so I use more cucumber than cream cheese and crab.
  11. The bulk of the filling should be at the corner furthest from the end with no rice, so take that corner and start rolling in that direction. Once finished, the hand roll should resemble the ones in the images above. It could take more than one attempt to get it just perfect. You can unroll and reroll the components as many times as necessary because they are forgiving and dry.
  12. You are in charge of the last action. I personally prefer the straightforward addition of soy sauce, however, many people also enjoy wasabi, pickled ginger, and spicy mayo sauces to go with their meals.

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The best way to eat a baked crab hand roll is to use your hands. Grabbing the crab from the middle with your thumb and index finger and then separate it from the shell with your middle and ring fingers.

The best place to eat this dish is at an outdoor food truck where you can watch them make it. It’s not just a great way to learn how they do it, but also because the flavors of this dish are so intense. The crab is sweet and savory, and the seaweed adds a light crispness that balances out the heaviness of the crab.

There’s no doubt that this baked crab hand roll dish is going to make you hungry, so make sure you have room for dessert!

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