What to Serve with French Toast? 20 Best Recipes

Right here, we have some palatable and salutary ideas for what to serve with French toast. Everyone who gets to enjoy French toast during breakfast considers it a treat.

When people ask me what goes well with French toast, I frequently reply, “Bacon.” However, there are a variety of other delicious side dishes that you can try with French toast, and I’m going to take the time to list them all out and go into more depth about them today.

The options are endless, ranging from sweet fruits to salty sausage, scrambled eggs, maple syrup, peaches, fresh fruits, caramelized bananas, and orange Julius. You can put anything on French toast because it is so versatile, including smoked salmon and gooey eggs.

Let’s rapidly review the top side dishes for French toast right now!

What to Serve With French Toast?

French toast is a fantastic breakfast option and, what’s more, it’s a great way to use up old bread.

White, French, or sourdough bread will all yield delicious, buttery, and sweet French toast. You’ll need a bit more than 30 minutes to formulate it.

You should serve it with the most elegant breakfast side dishes ever for such a unique dinner. Let’s just go over them. There is a lot to consider.

1. Fried Bacon Strips

Who in the morning can say no to bacon? You? Because I know it’s not me.

A bite of bacon on the side will enhance the flavor of your batch of French toast. Personally, I like my bacon strips thin and crisp, but you can have yours as chewy and solid as you like.

Add some bacon bits to the end of your French toast for an extra crunch!

No member of the family can pass up a delicious breakfast like French toast and bacon, not even your dog!

2. Maple Syrup

The syrup is the most common garnish on French toast for a reason: it’s just too nice to skip!

Therefore, prepare your morning toast by drizzling your preferred syrup over buttery French toast.

Choose regular maple syrup, or for a tasty variation, try buttermilk or chocolate. You can search for and make up your own delicious syrup recipes using the plethora that is available.

Honey is your greatest option if you want a sweet taste that is healthy.

3. Roasted Red Peppers with Feta

Scorched red pepper and feta toast’s precise balance of salty, savory, and sweet flavors will undoubtedly appeal to all of your taste receptors, placing these toast toppings among the best in the business.

4. Fresh Fruit

Here’s a useful tip for enjoying your French toast for breakfast.

Fresh fruit additions like orange slices, grapes, or melons are a delicious and energizing way to start the day.

A berry combination is always a tasty treat, especially when topped with a small amount of whipped cream. Additionally, a delectable feast will be produced by strawberries and chocolate syrup!

Try this simple yet tasty fruit salad dish if you’re looking for something extra special. It contains peach pie filling to make it even sweeter and juicier.

5. Scrambled Eggs

Why not top your French toast with a stack of scrambled eggs as they are a breakfast staple?

Whisk in a little milk to make your eggs richer and fluffier. They’ll become more soft and creamy for an utterly satisfying breakfast.

To kick things up a level, add some cheese and hot sauce, ensuring that each bite is delicious, spicily, and flavorfully rich!

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What to Serve With French Toast?

6. Caramelized Bananas

Nothing goes better than these wonderful caramelized bananas with a taste of French toast. They have a lovely flavor and are delicate and sweet.

Additionally, they are really easy to cook. Raw bananas are undoubtedly a delicious and healthful addition to French toast when you’re in a hurry.

Slice them and serve one on the side or on top of your bread.

Bananas are also filling enough to keep you from becoming hungry until lunch if your day is going to be successful.

7. Strawberries and Goat Cheese

The good news is that goat cheese and strawberry salad tastes just as excellent, if not even better, on bread.

For this sweet and salty combination, you can mince fresh strawberries or skip a step and make a quick batch of Strawberry Chia Seed Jam.

8. Cinnamon, Almond Butter, and Banana

These toast toppings are a unique mix, but cinnamon’s enhancement elevates this combination by adding a hint of natural sweetness without adding more sugar.

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9. Grilled Peaches

A quick turn on the grill brings out their flavor the best.

They complement other dishes beautifully, and they make the ideal sweet and zesty topping for French toast.

Peaches with a refined, caramelized or grilled flavor have an intriguing flavor.

Put them on your French toast as is, or go the extra mile and make a baked peach French toast casserole.

10. Yogurt of Strawberry

For a truly crisp and engaging upgrade to your French toast meal, use strawberry yogurt! With just a few spoonfuls on your toast, you may prepare a superb meal.

Yogurt can also be consumed separately or combined with some green strawberries to make a French toast sandwich.

11. Sausage Links

This delectable combination is for you if you enjoy tasty breakfast foods! You will undoubtedly feel more prepared for the day ahead if you eat sausage links with your French toast.

Additionally, if you cook them in the Air Fryer, they’ll be ready in only a few minutes!

For a bigger and more filling breakfast, you can also enjoy French toast and sausage links with fluffy scrambled eggs!

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12. Chilies, Avocado, and Nutritional Yeast

This is how to try nutritional yeast if you haven’t already.

Although it can seem a little strange, nutritional yeast has a familiar cheesy flavor and gives avocado toast a natural umami flavor.

Finish it off with a sprinkle of chili powder for some heat and a splash of sea salt to help bring everything together.

13. Smoked Salmon

Do you wish you could have fish for breakfast? Enjoy some smoked salmon with your French toast! Consider this to be a bagel with lox with French toast.

You must bake your French toast in your oven to make it. This gives it a more solid and dry composition while maintaining the same delicious flavor.

For added taste, you can also add some cream cheese, larks, or a few sizable slices of tomato.

14. French Toast Eggs Benedict

The ideal weekend breakfast is French toast eggs benedict.

The standard ingredients of ham or bacon, cheese, hollandaise relish, and a poached egg are included. The foundation? American toast!

Although it might take a little longer than the other options on this list, it is unquestionably worthwhile getting up early.

15. Honey and Tahini

You will be pleasantly surprised if you have never tried tahini with honey.

Although tahini is wholly savory on its own, it takes on a whole new flavor when combined with a dash of honey that is eerily similar to salted caramel, making this toast topping the real sweet delight.

16. Granola

French toast that is buttery and smooth is delicious, but it is always better when it has a little more structure.

Granola will give a delicious crunch to any breakfast. If you’re pressed for time, simply drizzle the mixture over the French toast.

A toast with granola crust is a great way to combine sweet and salty flavors if you want an extra kick.

17. Peanut Butter

If you know any peanut butter lovers, they will like this French toast!

With French toast and peanut butter, you can get creative as well.

For instance, add some chopped bananas to it to make a sandwich, or make peanut butter icing to replace the syrup.

You can even choose French toast sticks with peanut butter on them. Just delicious.

18. Powdered Sugar

Want French toast in the style of a restaurant? Just sprinkle on some sugar powder liberally!

You can make your own with a blender, some white sugar, and cornstarch if you want an especially sweet morning, whether you agree with this or not.

This is a fantastic advancement over fruit-topped French toast!

Why not give your plain powdered sugar a twist by adding some freeze-dried fruit if you think it’s too bland? It won’t just taste fantastic; it will also look stunning!

19. Orange Julius

While a refreshing glass of orange juice is always delicious if you want to treat the kids, use this Orange Julius recipe.

It’s satisfying for Sunday brunch with French toast and thick, creamy.

Additionally, you can sneak in a serving of vegetables by blending in some carrot-flavored drinks.

20. Dalgona Coffee

Whatever you’re eating with your delicious French breakfast, the doctor advised drinking a cup of coffee in between bites.

And if you’re serious about doing it, use Dalgona coffee. You’ll be shocked by how simple it is!

Actually, it only uses four ingredients—instant coffee is one of them. Any coffee recipe will provide the same outcome, so you can use it. So, my love, make whatever would make you smile and do it.


Start your morning on a lovely note with these French toast sides, which range from delicious treats to savory morsels. Many are eye-catching, while others are different, but they are all mouthwatering.

With the aforementioned sides, you won’t ever be at a loss for what to offer with French toast again. Save this post and return to it later, if necessary.

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