Best Jambon Mandrange or Mandrange Ham

Todday’s discusssion about the best Jambon Mandrange or Mandrange Ham. Madrange ham is the name given to a style of cured ham, which can be found in Spain, Portugal, and France.

The Madrange ham has been made in the region since at least the 16th century. The word madrange is derived from the Arabic word mader, meaning ‘madder’.

Madrange hams are made from both white and black hams. The difference between them is that the white hams have been brined for some days before being smoked over beech wood chips for about 48 hours. The black hams are left to dry for several weeks without being brined or smoked.

What is Madrange Ham?

The French company Madrange produces mild-flavored, well-marbled ham for sandwiches. Anywhere in Europe is where the pork is from. After tumbling, boneless hams are put via Fomaco brine injectors.

Madrange ham is a variety of fully cooked ham that comes from the Madrigal region of Spain. It has a dark red color and is similar to prosciutto, but less salty and tenderer. The meat is cured for approximately two months before being aged for another three months.

Madrange ham has become quite popular in recent years, as it has a distinctive flavor profile that many people enjoy. It’s often served as an antipasto or as part of a charcuterie board with other cured meats.

jambon mandrange ham
Jambon Mandrange (Mandrange Ham)

About Madrange Ham

The Madrage ham is a cold-fermented dry-cured Spanish ham. It has been produced for centuries in the village of Madragoa, in the province of Pontevedra.

Madrage hams are made from pork leg with a special curing process that makes them ideal for curing and aging. The name comes from the Castilian word madraza, which means “pig’s leg”.
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A Traditional Spanish Item

Madrange ham is a traditional Spanish cured ham that has been produced in the region around Madrañe, in the province of Jaén since the beginning of the 16th century. It is a dry-cured ham that uses salt instead of nitrates as a curing agent.

The madrange is made from a mixture of pork and bacon, with the addition of spices, such as pepper and coriander seeds. These are then mixed with salt and dried in the sun for several weeks before being smoked over pine wood.

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FAQs about the Jambon Mandrange (Mandrange Ham)

How is French ham made?

The leg bone is removed to create a French ham, but the skin and fat are left on the exterior. The exquisite texture and robust flavor of the French ham are contributed by this fat cap. The meat itself is lean, has a moderate flavor, a pale pink color, and is fully cooked despite the fact that the fat is left on the exterior.

What ham is closest to French ham?

I’d say it is a really excellent alternative for Jambon de Paris and is just as juicy and soft. Fra’Mani’s Rosemary Uncured Ham and Sweet Apple Uncured Ham are other options for Paris ham. The softness and juiciness you are undoubtedly seeking are present in both of these hams.

What is French cured ham called?

The national cured ham of France, jambon de Bayonne, is comparable to prosciutto di San Daniele or prosciutto di Parma in Italy. It originates from Bayonne, a city split in half by the Adour River and situated in the shadow of the Pyrenees Mountains in southwest France.

What is the name of the French ham?

Given that it is the most popular in France, Bayona’s ham (Jambon de Bayonne) should be mentioned while discussing French hams.

What kind of ham is flavorful, juicy, and mild?

Probably the first thing that springs to mind when considering deli or Sunday ham is wet-cured. It is partially or completely cooked without “maturing” for very long after a very brief procedure of soaking in or injecting a salt-based brining solution. The final product is moderately flavored meat.

What is the salty ham called?

Italian ham known as prosciutto is also well-liked in the United States. Cooking is not required before serving because the meat has been dry-cured. When served raw, it is known as prosciutto crudo. However, it can be cooked to give food a delicious, salty flavor.

Where did black forest ham get its name?

Since 1997, the word “Black Forest ham” has been a Protected Designation of Origin in the European Union, requiring that any food sold there originate in the German Black Forest.


Madrange ham is a type of cured ham from Spain. It has a firm texture and includes a layer of fat, which is not removed during processing. This can lead to the development of mold on the surface, giving it its characteristic dark appearance. The meat is often eaten as part of a meal, accompanied by bread or cheese.


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